Welcome to DeeJayLayla.com! With a state of the art professional DJ system, DeeJay Layla is your choice of music entertainment for your events in the Southern California.

DeeJay Layla uses the state of the art equipment to turn any party into a fun and professional gathering. Having Layla as your DJ at your reception/ event will keep things flowing and on time.

DeeJay Layla has played countless songs from her collection of Persian music, Hiphop, Top 40s, Electric Dance Music, Salsa, and other genres.

She has experience DJing for various events including: Ambyx NYE 2016, Montek Night Club, Pardiss Club, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, community safe nights, fundraisers, themed parties and more. She will provide an enjoyable, memorable and entertaining atmosphere through classy and fun personalities, acoustic excellence and a strong music knowledge/song base.

Contact her today to learn what we can do to make your event memorable at 858-472-7361. DeeJay Layla is proud to serve the Southern California Area: including San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Irvine, and more!