A talented Persian female DJ, effortlessly blends cultural richness with musical finesse, creating unforgettable experiences with her eclectic beats.

More Than Just Your Average DJ

DeeJay Layla breaks the mold of your typical female DJ. Over a decade ago, she became one of the pioneering Iranian/Persian women to enter the music scene, carving out a unique and respected place for herself in the DJ and music industry. She’s not just a DJ; she’s an artist, a performer, and a masterful storyteller who specializes in creating unforgettable experiences.

A Remarkable Journey

DeeJay Layla’s journey has been an incredible odyssey that’s carried her across borders and into the hearts of audiences worldwide. Her international experiences have not only enriched her music but have also sharpened her remarkable ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. From captivating Persian/Iranian, Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Greek, European, and American audiences to gracing the screens of ITN – the Iran TV Network and making waves on Radio Javan, DeeJay Layla’s eclectic background is the secret to her unparalleled versatility.

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