Meet DeeJay Layla

a trailblazing DJ
with an inspiring journey

Born in Iran, Layla immigrated to Germany with her family shortly after the Islamic Revolution. Her passion for music led her to pursue academic studies in the field, where she honed her skills. In 2004, Layla’s dream of coming to America became a reality when she settled in San Diego, making her mark as one of the first female Iranian DJ in the United States.


More than just a DJ

Layla’s success sends a powerful message to Iranian women and others alike, demonstrating that in this great nation, dreams can become realities with determination and courage. Her journey symbolizes the boundless opportunities available to those who dare to pursue their passions.

DeeJay Layla boasts a state-of-the-art professional DJ system, making her the ideal choice for music entertainment at your Southern California events. With Layla behind the turntables, your parties transform into unforgettable gatherings, seamlessly flowing and on time.
Layla’s eclectic repertoire spans various genres, including Persian music, Hip-hop, Top 40s, Electric Dance Music, Salsa, and more. Her extensive experience includes DJing for prestigious events like Ambyx NYE 2016, Montek Night Club, Pardiss Club, weddings, anniversary parties, community safe nights, fundraisers, themed parties, and beyond.
In addition to her thriving DJ career, Layla collaborates closely with ITN TV and Radio Javan (RJ), further solidifying her presence in the music industry. She has also graced numerous TV events and music video appearances, adding to her impressive portfolio.
DeeJay Layla specializes in a wide range of events, such as birthday celebrations, corporate gatherings, and weddings of various cultures, demonstrating her versatility. Whether it’s a traditional U.S. wedding, Hindu ceremony, European nuptials, or any multicultural event, Layla’s expertise ensures a memorable and seamless experience.
Reliable communication is a hallmark of Layla’s service. Regardless of the occasion, be it a birthday bash, corporate function, wedding extravaganza, or any special celebration, she prioritizes open and effective communication to ease your mind and ensure a smooth event.
Our DJ packages offer top-of-the-line lights and sound systems, with options suitable for small gatherings, weddings, company events, concerts, and large venue affairs. With DeeJay Layla, you can enjoy the best and most professional audio-visual experience, with over 10,000 watts of power at your disposal.
Contact DeeJay Layla today at 858-472-7361 to learn how she can elevate your event in Southern California, including San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Irvine, and more. Let DeeJay Layla’s passion, professionalism, and musical expertise make your occasion truly unforgettable.

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