Signature Package

Elevate your celebration with our Signature Package, tailored for those seeking a touch of grandeur. Immerse yourself in the magic of powerful sound, mesmerizing lighting, and an extensive music selection, all curated to make your event truly unforgettable.

What's included:

  • Mixer

    • Pioneer XDJ-XZ-W (DJ Controller)
    • Yamaha MG10XU (10-Channel)

  • Microphone

    • Shure BETA 58A Microphone
    • Sennheiser XS1 Dynamic Microphone
    • Sennheiser XSW-D XLR Base

  • Sound

    • (2) QSC K12, 1000 Watt | Class-D Power
    • (2) QSC K12.2, 2000 Watt | Class-D Power
    • (2) QSC KW181 18" Active-Subwoofer, 1000 Watt | 2000 Watt Peak | Class-D Power

    Each QSC-Powered speaker, you will have a whopping 135 dB+ SPL.

  • Lighting

    • (4) LED Par Can Uplighting (Battery-Powered & Wired)
    • (4) Chauvet Intimidator Spot 60 ILS | Moving-Head Spot Lights
    • (2) American DJ LED Par Cans with RGB Colors

  • Effects

    • Custom LED Screens
    • (2) Chauvet 24 RGB LED Geyser 1500 Watt QD Fogger

    Our pyrotechnic-style effects are both safe and environmentally friendly. They do not rely on toxic chemicals, open flames, or cumbersome CO2 canisters. Instead, they utilize built-in LED lights to produce customizable, vivid effects, including fire, frost, and more.

    The quick dissipation feature ensures that these effects are short-lived, lasting only 10-30 seconds, which means they won't disrupt the surroundings or interfere with video recording quality. Enjoy the spectacle without any hassle or safety concerns.

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