Royal Package

Suitable for

Royal Weddings

Best for weddings, royal weddings and other ceremonies

Corporate Events

Best for mid-sized corporate events and more

Other mid-sized events

Best for any medium-sized event or celebration

What you will get

Pioneer DDJ-SZ

State of the art DJ Controller by Pioneer. This industry standard controller is paired with the most reliable brand of computer systems, Apple. The Midi controller is plugged into a MacBook Pro to ensure optimal performance

Best Brands

Getting the best sound with the highest grade of sound engineering by QSC, Yamaha and Behringer paired with the best lighting system provided by companies such as American DJ, Chauvet and Casa

Pro Photography

You will have professional pictures taken + a few edited ones of your choice. It will be either be put on a flash drive or emailed to you as a link. However, we have upgrade options available!

Custom LED

Aside from all the uplighting and other LED par cans, there will be multiple custom-built LED panels that have a beautiful vivid color-changing effect. This will also include another pair of speakers for added sound.

List of equipment

Pro 5,000 Watt DJ Package
– (4-8) LED Par Can Uplighting [Includes color of choice]
– (3-6) Custom LED Panels (one of a kind - 1-2 rear panels, 2-3 front panels, 1-2 top panels)
– (2) American DJ LED Par Cans with RGB Colors
– (2) 1000 Watt QSC Self-powered industry standard speakers
- (2) 1000 Watt Yamaha speakers powered by QSC
– (1) 1000 Watt Behringer Class D subwoofer
– (1) Chauvet 1200Watt Fogger (Optional)
- Contact us for more options!